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TraderVue App 2023: Trade Tracking Simplified

Whether you’re day trading, options trading, or investing for the long term, it’s important to find a way that you can track your trading performance. This is especially true if you trade using multiple trading platforms, as having your assets spread over multiple brokers can make them especially hard to track.

Fortunately, that’s why trading journal software like the TraderVue app was created! Designed with the active trader in mind (although it can certainly be used by long-term investors as well), this online trading journal helps traders keep track of all their trading activities.

Of course, there’s always a bit more than meets the eye, so let’s take a deep dive into the platform to find out exactly what this trading journal software has to offer.

What is TradeVue?

TraderVue is a cloud-based trading journal. This platform allows traders to import transactions (such as recent day trading activity) from multiple brokers, compiling the data onto a single platform for a simplified viewing experience.

Traders will have complete access to their online trading journals, with comprehensive journal entries detailing all their recent activity. This data can be used to identify winning strategies, losing strategies, track progress, view asset allocation, and more.

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Who is TraderVue for?

TraderVue offers solutions for traders of all different trading styles. The platform can be utilized by experienced traders and professional traders, as well as casual traders or even complete beginners!

Since pretty much any type of trader can benefit from tracking their stock trades (or other types of trades), the platform arguably has value for everyone. However, due to the fast-paced nature of day trading, we think this platform is especially valuable to high-volume day traders.

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What TraderVue Offers

The TraderVue app is primarily a trade journal designed to keep track of individual trades, record trade details, and help traders identify both positive & negative trading habits.

It offers support for a wide variety of brokers, allowing users to automatically import trades from multiple brokers after initial setup. This is especially useful as it reduces the amount of time required to gather data, giving traders more time to analyze the data compiled.

The platform also allows traders to connect with the larger trading community via the sharing feature. By sharing their trades online, they’re able to get feedback, recommendations, and advice from fellow traders. TraderVue even has its own online forum!

TraderVue also offers more advanced features like trade analysis, liquidity tracking, risk analysis, and loss charts. However, these features are limited to the premium plans; free users will only have access to basic journaling capabilities.

The Limitations of TraderVue

The main limitation of TraderVue is its lack of live data. While it does support automated trade imports (a feature surprisingly lacking from some of its competitors), its inability to offer live data means you can only analyze trades after—not while—they happen.

For swing traders or long-term investors, this isn’t much of a drawback. However, in day trading, even individual trades can have a big positive (or negative) effect on one’s portfolio for that day. As such, it would be great to see live data included in a future version of TraderVue.

Costs & Expenses

There are three different versions of TraderVue available: Basic, Silver, and Gold. Each version can track stocks, forex, options, and futures.

The Basic plan is entirely free and offers basic functionality for interested stock traders. This plan allows traders to record up to thirty trades per month, unlocks basic journaling, enables basic reporting functionalities, and allows traders to share their journals. We recommend this plan for long-term investors.

The Silver plan is the cheapest premium plan offered by TraderVue. Costing $29 per month, it allows traders to track an unlimited number of trades per month. This plan also unlocks Enhanced Journaling and Advanced Reporting. We recommend this plan for swing traders.

The Gold plan includes everything offered by the Silver plan but also unlocks risk tracking and reporting, exit analysis, commission/fee support, and liquidity reports. This plan costs $49 per month. We recommend this plan to day traders.

TraderVue App: Something for Everyone

The TraderVue App is worth checking out if you don’t already use trading journal software. Being able to easily visualize your daily trading day activities can give you the insights you need to gain a trading edge over the competition.

Best of all, you don’t necessarily even need to pay for the premium plan! While we would certainly recommend the paid version to more active traders (such as day or swing traders), the casual investor can certainly get away with just using the free version to record journal entries.

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